Why Therapy?

1. You are Not Alone

No one should feel that they are alone when they are struggling. As your counselor I will come with you and walk side by side to help you with what you bring to the table. No matter how big or small the situation is, I am here to help YOU.

2. It is all about YOU

We have all experienced a time when talking to a friend and sharing an experience with someone and the other person sometimes makes it about them. As your counselor I am here to listen to you. You do not have to worry about someone waiting for their turn to talk. You get to come to session and know it is about listening and helping you.

3. It feels good to tell someone!

Keeping everything to yourself is not healthy. People often keep things to themselves because they think other do not want to hear their problems or it is not important enough to tell someone. I am here to tell you otherwise. Sharing what is on your mind not only makes you feel better but gives me the chance to come up with another perspective to help you.

4. I care

Counselors are people too. We understand that people go through trauma, rough patches, and just need help from time to time. I can be a listening ear and be there to encourage you and help show you that you do have the inner strength to gain skills and tools to overcome whatever challenges you may be facing. I may not be able to say I completely understand what you are going through but what I can say is I am here to help you work though the struggles and help teach you the tools to make your life a more healthier and happier one.